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Slaughter Penn Trail in Bentonville, AR

Individuals drive from around the nation to test the toys at this Bentonville off-road bicycle trail that has one of the top bicycle events in the state. Skinnies, downhill path, a leap park, and log rides offer something for the riders of all expertise levels. The city’s Parks and Recreation Department maintains the path with help from volunteers with Friends of Arkansas Singletrack.

In excess of 20 miles stream through Slaughter Pen, with simple path association by means of Lake Bella Vista to the Blowing Springs off-road bicycle trail framework. The path plays have to the yearly Slaughter Pen Jam set for October 2-4, 2015. Stopping is accessible at Compton Gardens on Main Street, at Northeast A Street and Northeast Cub Circle, and at the city’s Bark Park on North Walton Boulevard.

The Bentonville – Blowing Springs Tour is a ride highlighting the Slaughter Pen trail framework in Bentonville to the Blowing Springs trail framework in Bella Vista.

The ride is a blend of singletrack and cleared bikeways through the delightful woods of Northwest Arkansas.

The Slaughter Pen trails have a ton of assortment, including a pleasant gravity line down Medusa. Blowing Springs is free-streaming singletrack that shapes through hardwoods and around rough precipices.

Need to Know

The Slaughter Pen and Blowing Springs trail networks are two separate frameworks. Every one can be gotten to and ridden separately. Together they make a pleasant half to entire day of riding.


The Bentonville – Blowing Springs Tour begins at the Crystal Bridges Trail stopping region only north of the water park in midtown Bentonville. Carry out on the cleared path and search for The All-American path to your left side, simply past the passage to the Crystal Bridges exhibition hall.

The All-American is a very fun introduction to Slaughter Pen trails; very flowy and reformist, include everything found on the path all through the framework. Expect a progression of discretionary lines going from stepping stool scaffolds and rock to little rollers and embankments.

Toward the finish of The All-American, stay left onto the cleared path and pass under a street, accelerating until you arrive at The Urban Trail. Turn left and pedal on a simple singletrack association with Phase I of the Slaughter Pen trail organization. The course matches the cleared bikeway yet gives the forest insight.

Roll off The Urban Trail and back onto the bikeway for a short time frame to interface with Seed Tick Shuffle. Stay left and voyage on simple singletrack right to a significant convergence where you’ll get to Tatamagouche.

Tatamagouche is a center slope navigate that ascensions to begin and the shapes to a crossing point with Medusa. Make a decisive surrendered to move to the beginning of a fiendishly fun gravity took care of downhill area.

At first, you’ll construct some speed through huge bermy turns. The course then, at that point changes to more extreme landscape, profound rollers and tabletop bounces. The finale of this part takes you on monster wooden divider ride. followed by a progression of fast turns and another divider ride. Stay left at the base to pedal back on a connector trail to the convergence with Seed Tick Shuffle and Tatamagouche.

Make an option to carry out the cleared bikeway and head out toward the Blowing Springs Trails. You’ll be on asphalt for somewhat on a grand bicycle course traveling north. After two underpasses, make a right intersection the Bella Vista Lake outlet. Pedal towards the slope and chase after the twist to one side, passing a path convergence to your right side. As the way fixes, search for another convergence to your right side and hop off here onto singletrack.

This next piece of the ride is a short fun segment with enormous rooftop rocks and a hanging span.

The path climbs steeply and afterward bends to an enormous stone shade. From here the course drops pointedly and the ascensions again prior to forming around the bluff to a hanging span.

Forge ahead to another segment of overhanging rock prior to diving back to the cleared path.

Head north once more, this time right to the Blowing Springs trails. The cleared way finishes at Veteran’s Way. Go straight here for a brief distance and afterward bear left on Dartmoor Rd around the primary school. Turn directly at the following two crossing points to get on the Copper Elementary Spur. Pedal up here to interface the South Lower Trail.

At the point when the path parts, stay directly on the South Upper Trail and brave it to the Central Spur. Turn right and head towards the north side of Blowing Springs. Pedal a couple of stroke first on North Lower Trail and take a speedy right on the North Upper Trail. You’ll do a fast circle toward the east prior to making a beeline for the west, first forming through the trees prior to exploring a lengthy stone edge.

At the far end, leap out onto Central Spur at the lower part of the slope and pedal back toward the east. From that point take a decisive left onto North Lower Trail to complete a total visit through Blowing Springs.

The last piece of the course returns the cleared way to The Urban Trail. Just before the Bush Push, go right on doubletrack to interface with Angus Chute. Cross the Bush Push and afterward stay directly onto Razorback Ridge. Climb momentarily and afterward cross the edge to a pleasant downhill with a couple bends. Stay directly at the base to remember ventures back to the stopping region in midtown Bentonville.

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