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If you live in an apartment or a condo, then you may be suffering from poor air quality that comes from the often cramped conditions present. You may not have the kind of air circulation the you would get if you were living in a house, so your apartment will need more regular cleaning. You may have some trouble finding a cleaning service that can accommodate your needs and that understands what it takes to make your living space truly clean and the air breathable for you.

We Have Professional Experience

Our Northwest Arkansas team has years of apartment and condo cleaning experience, and we know how to work effectively and how to clean in such a way that we save you money but give you a very clean environment to live in. We can get rid of pathogens, particles and allergens in the air and on surfaces that would cause health problems. You’ll be able to sleep sounder and suffer fewer allergy symptoms in a lot of cases. You can enjoy being in your apartment even more once we have done a detailed cleaning for you.

The centralized ventilation system in most apartment buildings makes them difficult to clean well, and you need specialized cleaning equipment to make a difference in the cleaning and in the air quality. Most people don’t have those kinds of tools and will only be able to do a partial cleaning job, leaving behind dust and other particles that can contribute to labored breathing, asthma attacks and poor quality of life. We can get rid of all that for you and make your apartment or condo much more welcoming and appealing.

We Will Work with Your Needs

We understand that everyone has different needs when it comes to condo and apartment cleaning in Northwest Arkansas. Not everyone wants a deep cleaning or needs regularly scheduled visits. We can accommodate you for routine cleaning services and come by every week or every month to keep things looking spotless and to keep your air quality high. Or we can provide a one-off cleaning service for you that penetrates deep into the crevices, cubbies and corners of your apartment ensuring its stays clean for a long time.

Whatever kind of service you want from us, whether light or deep cleaning, we ensure that you get your money’s worth. We want you to feel like you can trust us to give you great results, and we work hard to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations. You can count on us to deliver a more than satisfactory cleaning every time.

We use natural cleaning products that are great for air quality and for your health. We work with your budget and accommodate your schedule so that you are not inconvenienced. Contact us today for a free quote and and learn more about the services that we offer. We are ready to make your NWA based apartment or condo so clean that you will feel like you have moved into a new property.

Our Services Offered

Residential Cleaning

We offer weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly maid services. Busy Bee House Cleaning services are designed around your specific needs and expectations. Scheduling is flexible and there are no contracts or long term commitments. We take pride in our residential cleaning service, and look forward to helping you maintain the cleanliness of your home!

Move-In or Move-Out Cleaning

Whether you are moving into a new living space or moving out, our house cleaning services can be tailored to meet your needs. If you are a landlord or property manager, we also offer service agreements for monthly turnover cleanings. Whatever your cleaning needs may require, our maid service is committed to transforming your living space into a comfortable and clean environment. Ask about our residential cleaning service after you move into your new home!

Commercial Office Cleaning

The Busy Bee Cleaning Services provides reliable commercial cleaning services as well as residential cleaning. Let our maid service take care of the cleanliness of your office, school, or work place. We offer annual agreements, semi-annual, and month to month terms as well. Services offered are customized to each client's specific needs and as with all of our services, client satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed. 

AirBnB and Vacation Rental Cleaning

When you use our AirBnB cleaning services you can rest assured that your home is in professional and caring hands. We know that your home is your place of peace, but it can also be a stress factor. Constantly cleaning is a tall task especially after a long day at work. So, let our residential cleaning experts do the cleaning for you! We offer monthly, bi-weekly, and weekly house cleaning but we always suggest that our customers purchase our bi-weekly or weekly cleaning in order to attain the most value! Still not convinced? Then contact us for your free residential cleaning services estimate and see the value for yourself! 

Apartment and Condo Cleaning

Our professional maids are better trained & better paid.  We train them, we retain them, and that translates to consistently thorough maid service for you and your family.  Our customers agree. Our regular weekly and 2-week maid service customers pay fixed price fees which don’t change from visit to visit.  You can get fixed price quotes by having us clean you once, and then getting a quote by phone, or by arranging an in-home quote in advance (applies to recurring services).

Deep Cleaning for Your Home

What do you want from a home cleaning company?  Of course you want Deeper, Nicer, Greener, Cleaner, that’s why you called us.  This page explains why our home cleaning is DEEPER than other house cleaning companies in Northwest Arkansas, and why some customers call us the best house cleaning company in NWA.

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